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December 2016
Legacy Leader: Michael R. Manes
New Product Announcement: Meet Gonogo™! A Monopolar Active Cord Tester.

April 2016
Education Questions: How do I test my Bipolar Probe? How can I make Active Cords last longer? What do I need to know about the new ‘dermal’ piercing trend?

June 2015
Legacy Leader: Jack A. Vennes, MD
Education Question: What best practices can you suggest when using argon coagulation therapy?

July 2014
Education Question: Contact Coagulation Options

January 2014

Education Special: All About Argon

August 2013

Legacy Leaders: National SGNA Presidents: Present, Past & Future!
Education Question: Why won’t my grounding pad light go green?

February 2013

Education Special: Electrosurgery and Polypectomy

October 2012
Legacy Leader: Dr. Bergein F. Overholt
Education Question: Recognizing Dual/Split Grounding Pads

July 2012

Legacy Leader: Dr. Harvey Williams Cushing and William T. Bovie
Education Question: Turn up the gas or turn up the power for longer ArC?

April 2012
Legacy Leader: Dr. Peter Cotton

January 2012
Legacy Leader: Lazzaro Spallanzani
Education Question: Is it true that no cutting effect is possible if you use a ‘Soft Coag’ output?

October 2011

Legacy Leader: Joseph E. Geenan, MD
Education Question: When do I need a Grounding Pad?

July 2011

Legacy Leader: Beverly Ott, RN
Education Question: Proper Grounding Pad Habits

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  • “We can't wait to get our gi4000 units! We can't wait to have everything we need and want in every room.”

    —New owners of 14 units

  • “Absolutely great product!”

    —Gastroenterologist who owns two units in Endo Center.

  • “New staff are always so pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to set up and use. So much easier than dragging in another machine. We love the gi4000 units!”

    —B.K.,  an endoscopy nurse manager.
  • “We used the TouchSoft on an AVM yesterday—worked great!”

    —C. S., Nurse
  • “I am glad we have the gi4000 unit!”

    —Dr. J.S., from an industry-leading hospital.
  • “We have one gi4000 unit right now and want all Genii in our GI Lab. We are trying to find a way to give back the OR their 'gift' equipment so we can purchase what we really want.”

    —L. C. from California
  • “Reviews from both physicians and staff have been glowing. It has been a pleasure working with all of you at Genii. Thank you for being flexible and professional." 

    —Physician with all hospital and endo center rooms standardized to Genii.
  • “We are happy to have Genii on board. They are great generators.”

    —Physician at large Midwestern Hospital.
  • “Have you ever seen an argon beam like that?! We were literally laughing because the length of the beam made the technique ridiculously simple.”

    —Physician speaking of the ArC Smart™ Linear™ Beam
  • “Our physicians are impressed by the performance of the gi4000 unit and want one for each lab.”

    —J.W. in Tennessee
  • “We love the gi4000 units. We would recommend them to anyone looking to replace an old cautery unit.”

    —S.C. Nurse Manager- New England area
  • “Our local Genii rep is knowledgeable & accessible.”

    —Nurse at GI Specialists
  • “We have a great Genii rep and the Genii HQ office has been very responsive to our needs.”

    —Nurse in the Midwest
  • “My colleagues have been very pleased with the gi4000 unit’s performance. I am excited to have our endoscopy unit staff have a similar experience.”

    —Physician at a University Hospital
  • “We love the TouchSoft! Thank you for this great product.” 

    —N.B Nurse Manager
  • “I have used the Genii gi4000 unit so much the past month. It is an invaluable tool in the GI Lab.”

    —Chicago area Physician
  • “We have had four generators for three years with flawless performance!” 

    —J.Y. Biomedical Engineer
  • “WOW!! It’s awesome!! We are so happy to have it. Thank you!”

    —M.Y, California
  • "We are all pleased to be standardized to the Genii unit. It is completely state of the art."

    -N.S., MD
  • "Things are going very well. We are using the Genii for everything. My partners seem to be happy with them [gi4000] and the nurses really like them."

    -Dr. TB
  • "We thought the argon ignited more quickly and your probes are equivalent quality."

    -Dr. MK
  • "We love it!"

    -S.M., RN
  • "I believe the Genii unit is good for both ESD and POEM procedures. And I hope many will realize it at the Master's course this weekend."

    -T.K., MD
  • "Gonogo is a great idea! In my 20 years of GI nursing, I've been yelled at so many times for not knowing an active cord was dead!"

    - RN from Minnesota
  • "We love our 11 new gi4000 units. When they arrived we all said, "It's like Christmas in GI!""

    -Nurse Manager, Midwest
  • "We already have a few patients with GAVE lined up to use the new argon coagulation [gi4000 unit]!"

    -MD from California